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Colossyan Vs Synthesia – The Battle Is On!

Colossyan Vs Synthesia

Welcome to the AI video generator face-off: seasoned Synthesia IO versus newcomer Colossyan – both text to avatar video creators. Synthesia IO brings experience, vast media resources, and creative possibilities.

Colossyan, on the other hand, offers a fresh, user-friendly interface with unique features such as multi-avatar screens and advanced analytics. Both platforms provide exciting opportunities in AI-powered video creation. Read on to discover how both tools can support your AI marketing strategy.

Colossyan review rating
Synthesia IO review rating
Feature Colossyan Synthesia
Output Format Supported Mp4 Mp4
Resolution Up to Ultra HD (depends on plan) Up to Ultra HD (depends on plan)
Stock avatars 30+ 140+
Custom Studio Avatars Yes Yes
Emotions Yes No
Gestures No Yes
Lip sync 4.5/5 3/5
Multiple Avatars on Screen Yes No
Languages 110+ 130+
Voice Cloning Yes Yes
Auto-Captions Yes Yes
Video Editor Yes Yes
Aspect Ratios Yes Soon
Screen Recorder Yes Yes
Analytics Yes No
Chat GPT Integration Yes Yes
Rendering Time 40s -10 minutes 40s - 5 minutes
Stock Templates 12 65+
Colossyan avatar review

There is a good variety of avatars available, dependent on the plan purchased. Currently, there are over 30 avatars that feature excellent lip synchronization. The most exciting feature that Colossyan offers is the ability to have up to four avatars in one scene.

Colossyan has also introduced a custom AI avatar creation service, offering two options: Studio and Lite. The main difference between the two lies in their quality and pricing.

Colossyan voices review

Colossyan is tough to beat in the area of voices. They have a large selection, boasting more than 190 options, alongside extras such as voice cloning, auto-captions, and auto-translation in several languages. If your intention is to create videos in multiple languages, Colossyan is unequivocally the top choice.

Colossyan video review

The provided video editor is very user-friendly, offering an extensive number of features on one screen. These include a screen recorder, PowerPoint uploads, animations, and transitions.

Such features empower users to create videos from start to finish, with no prior video editing experience required.

Colossyan templates review

Colossyan have only added 10 templates recently to add to the scenes whilst creaing videos in the video editor. 10 are not enough templates but Colossyan so far showed they are innovative and we should be expecting more coming soon.

Synthesia IO avatar review

Synthesia boasts a massive library of avatars, with over 140+ options. They offer the best lip synchronization in the market, along with the display of emotions. However, they do not yet support the simultaneous use of multiple avatars on one screen.

Additionally, Synthesia allows you to create your own high-quality, custom AI avatar, inclusive of your own voice.

Synthesia voices review

Synthesia scores highly in the voices arena, boasting an impressive selection of voices and functions. However, they are still trailing in terms of launching an auto-translation function.

Synthesia video review

Synthesia offers a highly comprehensive video editor that includes all the features you require for editing any type of video. The aspect ratio function is still under development and is expected to launch soon.

Synthesia templates review

Synthesia is well-known for its extensive collection of templates, boasting a tally of over 65 and steadily growing. This vast selection increases the likelihood of finding the exact template to suit your specific needs.

With both platforms offered at the same price point, and the flexibility to create up to 10 minutes of video per month, the possibilities for artistic expression are boundless.

Starting from
  • Monthly
  • 90+ AI avatars
  • 10 Video Credits/month
  • 120+ Languages and Voices
Starting from
  • Monthly
  • 10 minutes of video at $2.8 / min
  • 8 Premium Avatars
  • Full HD (1080p) Quality

  1. Very easy to use interface
  2. Offers multiple avatars on same video and other unique characteristics.
  3. Fairly priced
  1. Still requires developments in some areas
  2. Limited Templates and Avatars
Colossyan rating

“Easy to use, flexible provider, overall good value for money” – Carmen N.

“Wonderful and very promising platform even for a newbie like me” – Joao P.

“This has been a great experience to be honest and highly recommend to other small business owners” – Heather T.

“Great start, hopeful for future improvements.”Marianna D.

  1. Abundant number of Avatars and Templates
  2. Continuous development of platform with a proven track record
  3. Best Lip synchronization Avatar platform
  1. More Complex to use
  2. Requirement further developments
Synthesia IO review

“Synthesia helps me a lot with condensing my work and carrying message across more clearly.” – Michael D.

Absolutely Blow Away– Jordan W.

“So easy, even I can do it!” – Helen N.

“Groundbreaker solution for the need of tutorials and promotional videos.” – Gabriel