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Synthesia Vs Elai: Which Avatar platform is for you?

Synthesia Vs Elai

When it comes to video content creation, every little detail matters. Synthesia and Elai are two innovative platforms that offer customizable AI videos. Both video generation platforms save you precious time and costs associated with hiring actors, purchasing expensive equipment and post-production costs.

The most suitable video generation platform between the two covered in this comparison article depends on your unique needs and preferences. Let’s delve deeper into how these platforms compare in terms of features and functionality.

Features Synthesia Elai
Lip Sync 4.5/5 3/5
Languages Over 120 Over 65
Stock Avatar Over 130 25+
Selfie Avatars No Yes
Cartoon Avatar No Yes
Custom Avatar Yes Yes
Gestures Yes No
Stock Assets Yes, with premium Shutterstock Videos (depending on plan) Yes, inclusive of free stock music
Auto Translation No Yes
Aspect Ratio Soon Yes
Stock Templates 65+ 105+
Integrations Rich integrations, including with Udemy, YouTube, Vimeo, PowerPoint, and more Integrations with Thinkific, PowerPoint, Moodle, Udemy, and more
Rendering Time 40s - 5 mins 40s - 9 mins
Free Trial No Yes
Pricing From $30/month for 10 video minutes From $29/month for 15 video minutes

Synthesia exceeds expectations with a huge library of 130+ customizable AI avatars and voices in 120+ languages. The platform has the flexibility to insert up to 50 slides per video, depending on the user’s plan. For content richness, Synthesia integrates with numerous platforms and offers premium Shutterstock assets for unique, eye-catching videos. The built-in screen recording feature adds an extra layer of convenience. Additionally, Synthesia’s API can be used by tech-savvy power users. The platform also offers non-technical users a gateway via Zapier integration.

Elai sets itself apart by offering full 1080p HD as well as 4K Ultra HD video renderings, depending on the chosen plan. It has a limited avatar catalog when compared to Synthesia, with 35+ options. Nevertheless, it is unique in offering “selfie avatars” and “cartoon avatars”. A standout feature of Elai is the chat GPT-3.5 integration for more interactive content. Elai also understands the importance of subtitles rendering auto-generated ones for your video content. The cherry on the cake of this product is its feature of uploading voiceovers for a personal touch.

Just like Synthesia, Elai also provides an API for paid users. The overall feature set is complemented by various integrations, including platforms like Thinkific, Udemy, and Tolstoy.

  1. Extensive selection of templates and avatars.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Seamless integration with popular platforms such as Medium, Intercom, PowerPoint, and Unsplash.
  4. Offers personalized and corporate plans to fit the specific needs of all business sizes.
  5. Option to create a custom own avatar for a one-time fee.
  1. Does not offer features for controlling avatar emotions.
  2. Options for displaying multiple avatars on the same screen are limited.
  3. Lack of analytics for measuring video performance.
Synthesia reviews G2

“Ultimate AI Video Creation Tool”- Vibhor A.

Revolutionary Platform” – Thomas S.

Good Alternative to live actors” – Randy P.

  1. Affordable pricing plans.
  2. Provides integration with various platforms such as Thinkific, Descript, PowerPoint, and Pexels.
  3. Support for startups, providing up to 50 free video credits and access to all features.
  4. Option for enhanced personalization with selfie avatar and cartoon avatar options.
  1. While it supports over 65 languages, this is less than some other platforms offer.
  2. As a newer player in the market, its offerings and features may not be as refined or extensive as its more established competitors.
  3. Does not offer screen recording feature.
Elai review g2

The service is easy to use, everything is intuitive” – Kateryna H.

Synthetic Media” – Victor L.

Best AI Talking Avatar creator out there” – Charles R.

Synthesia and Elai are both excellent tools for AI-driven video content creation. They are excellent tools to take your AI marketing strategy to the next level. Synthesia shines with its broad avatar and language options as well as numerous integrations. Elai, on the other hand stands out with 4K videos and unique features like selfie avatars. Elai’s pricing is more budget-friendly, offering more video minutes in the basic plan.