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Synthesia Vs Pictory – What is the real difference?

Synthesia Vs Pictory

You are on this page because probably you have come across two prominent AI Video generatorsSynthesia and Pictory. Congrats, you picked very good brands. However, they are both designed to cater towards specific professional needs.

Both considered as AI Video generators, these tools are different in many ways. While Synthesia excels at offering AI Avatars that can effortlessly represent and promote your company’s brand, Pictory doesn’t have AI avatars as part of their offering. However they provide you with the right functionality to create videos from as little as a blog URL, script or image.

Both AI tools are great companions in your AI marketing journey. It is in the end your choice to pick the tool that generates the best type of video content that resonates with your audience and synched with your brand identity.

The key here is to recognize and appreciate the unique capabilities of both AI powered tools. By harnessing their potential, you will elevate your marketing strategies towards better customer engagement.

Features Synthesia Pictory
Stock Avatars 140+ Avatars Doesn't offer Avatar Videos
Video Customization Offers flexibility to change templates, background and avatars gestures Offers flexibility to incorporate images, videos, text, etc.
AI Capabilities Focuses on creating realistic-looking avatars AI-powered storylines and scripts to simplify creation
Pricing Plans Various plans starting at $30 per month based on video quantity Free trial, paid plans starting at $19 per month
Video Quality Full HD Full HD
AI Voiceover languages 120 Languages Only English
Integrations 40+ Google drive, Hootsuite, Youtube
Article to Video No Yes

Picture having a dynamic AI Avatar that personifies your brand and captivates your audience’s attention with powerful, personalized communication.

Synthesia offers a unique platform with a focus on creating realistic-looking avatars. When opening an account you gain access to a big selection of Avatars, templates, and a powerful studio where you can start creating. Remember, to choose Avatars that are in line with your customer base. While Synthesia’s interface might seem to be more complex at first, it is simple to use once you start experimenting with the different features.

Additionally, Synthesia’s avatars can lip-sync to the user’s voice, adding a personal touch to your video content. Synthesia offers different pricing plans starting from as little as $30 per month. Pricing plans are based on the number of videos generated by a user. Higher-priced plans provide a higher monthly limit on the number of videos that can be created.

Pictory empowers you to breathe new life into your written content by transforming it into a visually immersive experience that appeals to a wider audience.

Pictory stands out with its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for seamless video creation. It boasts a wide array of templates, themes, images, and music tracks, along with AI-powered storylines and scripts. Pictory offers flexibility in video creation and customization, allowing users to incorporate images, videos, text, and music into their projects.

AI-enhanced image and audio quality generates high-definition output, whilst customizable video settings allow users to adjust resolution, aspect ratio, and more.

Pictory offers a free trial version that allows users to create up to three videos (each up to 10 mins long). It provides a limited set of features.

Pictory’s  paid plans start at $19 per month. These plans offer additional features such as access to premium video templates, removal of the Pictory watermark and support for high-definition videos.

  • Ability to create realistic-looking avatars
  • Avatar customization and animation options
  • Lip-syncing capabilities for avatars
  • Pricing plans based on video quotas, giving users flexibility

  • There might be a learning curve for users to maximize the benefits this product has to offer
  • Main focus is on avatar video building.
  • No proper free trial offered.

Synthesia Reviews

Synthesia reviews G2

“Ultimate AI Video Creation Tool” – Vibhor A.

“Good Alternative to live actors” – Randy P.

“Easy to Create Realistic Videos”- Andy O.

  • User-friendly interface for easy video creation
  • Extensive library of templates, themes, images, and music tracks
  • AI-powered story lines and scripts for efficient video creation
  • Flexibility to incorporate various elements into videos
  • Affordable pricing plans with a free trial option

  • Does not offer options for avatar video building.
  • Videos created by Pictory require manual intervention for optimisation.

Pictory Reviews

Pictory AI reviews G2

“Best Video Editing Program Ever” – Bunyamin.

“A very simple to use script to video platform!” – Shane B.

“Pictory’s feature is user-friendly” – Narz P.