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What is an AI Video Generator? An In-depth Insight

What Is An AI Video Generator?

An AI video generator is a cutting-edge piece of software that leverages artificial intelligence technology to create videos from scratch. A significant part of generative AI content creation tools, AI video generators facilitate the conversion of user-input text or scripts into corresponding videos. Moreover, these tools not only generate videos, but also come equipped with AI editing capabilities to enhance the final output.

Besides creating videos from scratch, the term “AI video generator” is evolving to represent advanced AI tools that can transform traditional videos into elaborately different ones. The key technology utilized by these generators usually combines computer graphics methods and machine learning algorithms, creating a synergy that allows the generation of synthetic videos for wide-ranging applications. This includes producing fresh material for movies and TV shows and running real-world scenario simulations. Some AI video producers use this technology to create lifelike videos of speaking or acting individuals with such precision that it’s almost impossible to distinguish from real footage.

Though still emerging, AI video generation has immense potential to revolutionize the video creation landscape, rendering traditional video editing tools redundant and democratizing high-quality video content production. This powerful technology looks set to push the boundaries of video content generation, making it a mainstay in mass communication.

To make this easier for you to understand, we break down the different types of AI video generators below.

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Different Types of AI Video Generators

AI video generators have emerged in different formats, catering towards the needs and requirements of different users. The following identifies the distinct types of AI video generators on the market.

  • Text-to-video generators: They perform a function known as text-to-video conversion. Users input a text prompt and the software generates a corresponding video based on that same text. Although the quality of videos for these generators may not be the best, they have registered noticeable improvements over a short span of time with an impressive level of output.
  • Automated video creation tools: They simplify the video creation process. Users can create videos by simply providing a script or even a URL for a blog post. This practical solution is particularly beneficial for small businesses looking to engage in video marketing, but have limited resources to produce studio quality videos.
  • AI avatars: Some AI video generators can produce AI-generated avatar videos, allowing for customization and personalization. These work in a similar fashion to text-to-video generators but feature an avatar presenting the supplied text information. Companies often select these AI avatars as their representatives for branding purposes.

How do AI Video Generators Work?

Tech in AI video generators

AI video generators are remarkable tools that utilize a combination of computer graphics and machine learning techniques to create synthetic videos. At their core, these generators use computer graphics software to generate images and films that seem real by using techniques like 3D modelling and animation.

When the task involves creating more complex or realistic videos, machine learning algorithms come into play. These are a set of instructions that allow AI to learn from data to make informed decisions in video creation. For instance, in replicating the characteristics of human speech and behavior, AI video generators are trained on a large dataset of real-life videos of people speaking. The result is a synthetic video that bears an almost uncanny resemblance to a genuine recorded video.

AI video generators use various technological methods to render footage. They start with basic computer graphics techniques, creating general images and films. As the need for detail increases, they incorporate enhanced computer graphics techniques featuring advanced 3D modelling, special effects, realistic lighting, and shading. To elevate decision-making, they employ machine learning algorithms, training the generator on large datasets of real videos for patterns that reflect realistic human behavior.

For the creation of synthetic videos that are astoundingly realistic, deep learning algorithms are applied. Inspired by the functionality of the human brain, these sophisticated algorithms require abundant computing power and voluminous datasets. The most advanced AI video generators likely merge all these technologies to create the most convincing synthetic videos possible.

From a practicality and user interactivity perspective, in creating an AI video, users provide inputs like text, keywords, stock images, blog posts, and/or other written content. The video generator processes these inputs through its trained neural networks and intricate algorithms. It retrieves matching data from its extensive database and presents a video output that can be further edited by the user. Changes can include modifying templates, backgrounds, music, voice-overs or even adding AI avatars. The final product is an engaging video tailored to the user’s preference.

Can AI Video Generators Create Footage of Real People?

The answer largely depends on the specific AI video generator in use and the richness of the input data it is trained on. Some AI video generators specialize in creating realistic videos of specific types of people or in particular languages.

Deepfake is a technique employing artificial intelligence to create or alter videos of real people speaking and performing actions, making these synthetic videos almost indistinguishable from real footage. Platforms such as Synthesia and Colossyan facilitate deepfake creation. They provide the option to create a custom avatar of yourself for an additional fee, enabling you to feature your digital avatar in the generated videos.

AI Video Generator Integrations

The type and number of integrations supported by a video generator will vary depending on the specific platform chosen. As a rule of thumb, more reputable platforms tend to support a wide array of integrations.

The particular AI video generator you select should align with your specific needs, whether they be marketing, sales, education, or content management. Many platforms also offer direct integration with other generative AI platforms like Chat GPT, a helpful feature for users needing assistance in writing video scripts.


Which Industries Can Benefit the Most from AI Video Generators?

All industries stand to benefit from creating videos, be it a small retail shop in a town or a charity organization. Video content can effectively and realistically convey messages, often more effectively than plain text. Instead of identifying a specific industry as the biggest beneficiary, it is worth highlighting that start-ups and small businesses can hugely gain from this tech advancement as they typically lack a dedicated team for video production.

Creating videos used to be a challenging task for small businesses, often due to a lack of necessary skills, equipment, editing expertise and actors. However, the growing trend of internet users preferring to watch videos over reading blog posts has made video content indispensable for all businesses. This shift has revealed a gap for businesses lacking video creation resources. AI video generators have emerged as a solution to fill this gap, empowering any business to reach their audience through video content effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of AI Video generators

Is There a Learning Curve to Using AI Video Generators for Beginners?

Like any new tool, AI video generators come with a learning curve for beginners striving to create more engaging videos or perfect their video outputs. Different AI video generators come with varied user interfaces, functionalities, and tools.

Even though AI can automatically generate videos, these videos often need further editing and refinement. While we are not yet at a point where AI video generators can produce videos that are 100% ready to be published on platforms like YouTube or social media, we are at a stage where AI can lay down the initial groundwork for a video. The user is then responsible for refining the video to resonate with their audience and align with the brand identity.

What are the Risks and Limitations of AI Video Generators?

risks from AI videos

Main Risk with AI Video Generators

It is true that the utility of AI video generators may be exploited e.g. production of fabricated movies of real people saying or acting in ways they would never actually say or do. It might be very challenging to discern these fake videos from actual ones and this could be used to propagate misinformation or sway public opinion.

As with any other tool, the use of AI video generators can be used for good or bad intentions. It is up to society as a whole to decide how to make use of new technologies and set up safeguards to prevent abuse. For instance, fresh approaches to confirm the veracity of videos or new methods to recognize fake movies could be valid controls to counter the risk exposure posed by this tech.

Limitations of AI Video Generators

We’d love to tell you there are no limitations – but there are.

When utilizing AI tools, including AI video generators, it is crucial to ensure that the videos created accurately reflect your intended information and requirements. It goes beyond simply optimizing the video to your liking with effects and such.

There might be instances where the AI video generator does not offer templates or styles that align with your brand. In such cases, the video may not encapsulate your brand’s visual identity or aesthetic. This could result in you having to use third-party video editing tools to attain the desired look and feel. Therefore, while AI video generators can be a powerful tool, it is essential to remember that they may not always provide a one-stop solution for all your video creation needs.

Limitations of AI Video Generators

How to Use AI Video Generators for Marketing?

HubSpot provides really cool video marketing statistics, including reports that 53% of consumers want video from the companies they intend to buy from. Video content is easily distributed online across social sites that most internet users use these days. Marketers have already figured out the effectiveness of the filming process. Achieving quality video content on a large scale production is challenging and AI video generators are the solution. AI software can generate thousands of customized video clips at a much lower cost thereby maximizing the return.

AI video creators are applicable to a wide range of marketing strategies. The following are a few examples:

Personalized Videos Created With Video AI Generator

Videos that are specifically tailored to viewers’ interests and preferences can be produced using AI video generators for viewers who are already customers or who convert in the future. A business could utilize an AI video generator to produce a video commercial that features a client utilizing their product in a manner that is pertinent to that client.

Maverick uses AI-generated video to enable e-commerce businesses to communicate with each of their consumers individually throughout the customer experience. Videos created with Maverick drive results – whether they are used to re-engage inactive consumers or welcome someone to an email list.

Product Demos Created With Video AI Generators

Synthetic videos could be used to produce convincing product demonstrations that highlight the characteristics and advantages of a product. This can be especially helpful for goods like software or virtual experiences that are challenging to demonstrate in real life.

Creating Business Videos for An Audience On Youtube Or Other Channels

An AI video creator may be used to produce a professional video advertisement that uses eye-catching graphics and animation, star a well-known celebrity or influencer, or both. These generative AI tools can be easily used to create viral Youtube videos that attract leads.

AI video generators come with great editing features without the need of additional video editing software. Editing options give users access to an array of editing features that include choosing transitions, music and other artistic components to create polished and refined content. To improve the finished output some AI video editors can even create voiceovers or captions.

Synthesia IO

Synthesia IO

One of the most sought AI video generators at present is Synthesia. Marketers can quickly and easily produce professional movies with AI Avatars in more than 60 different languages. Synthesia makes it simple to generate films that stand out and draw viewers in with a variety of themes and configurable features. In a nutshell this package offers access to professional actors without any studio time.

Synthesia’s platform provides video templates helping users create professional-looking videos quickly and easily. There is also a function to include subtitles to video. Synthesia’s great editing features allow for the uploads of brand assets such as logos, fonts, and color schemes to ensure that video content is on-brand.

Pictory AI

Pictory AI

Pictory transforms a blog post into a captivating movie that can be shared on social media or utilized on a website. Users are requested to share a script or essay that will act as the foundation for the video material. This software was built with personal bloggers and businesses trying to improve engagement and quality in mind. The tool is accessible on any device as it is purely based in the cloud.

Pictory makes it simple to edit movies using text. It is ideal for editing webinars, podcasts, Zoom recordings, and other types of videos. Overall, it is a very clean and easy-to-use tool and should take no more than a few minutes to get results that can help expand an audience and establish a brand. Pictory has also been listed as one of the best free video editing software.



Flexclip is a tool that enables flexible editing in a user-friendly setting. With a variety of tools, including branding options and social networking possibilities, one can produce beautiful movies for their business. Professional looking and on-brand video footage can be created by using templates that are simple to alter.

Once subscribed, one gets access to 4,000,000+ royalty-free stock assets with no copyright issues whatsoever and can create professional-looking videos quickly.

Some other great features of Flexclip include:

  1. Sharing of videos seamlessly with team members or clients.
  1. Slideshow maker that is used for developing shows for a website or blog.
  2. Move maker combines photos, video clips and music to create stunning movies.


AI video generators are proving to be a powerful marketing tool for any business type of all sizes that is on a mission to create engaging videos. The adoption of this technology is proving to be successful in automating operations such as video editing, saving time and money and producing dynamic and engaging content. It is critical to give considerable thought to one’s intended usage of this technology and to exercise creativity and strategy. As this technology grows and advances, make sure to keep an eye out for new features that will continue to be rolled out in the coming months.