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6 AI Video Marketing Case Studies: Boost Customer Engagement


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is disrupting the very foundations of marketing, hence the term ai marketing.   Ai technology brings to light new possibilities for marketers to produce engaging video content across different platforms.  Generative AI is replacing humans in writing stories, creating images and synthesizing information.  Video production for the creation of content is another where this powerful tool is taking over.

As a result of the growing demand for generative AI in the production of video for content marketing,   industry leaders like Google and Microsoft have been investing heavily in the technology of AI.  From e-commerce to human resources, learning and development to news broadcasting, generative AI is leaving its mark, paving new ways to engage with potential customers.  

This article is your ultimate guide to real-life case studies exploring the impact of generative AI on video ai generated content for businesses.  We explore the benefits of an AI video generator, giving practical examples how it is transforming the way businesses create high quality, engaging videos.  

Benefits of Producing Corporate Videos with Generative AI Tools

Affordability is a key advantage when applying generative AI for corporate video production.  AI-generated videos eliminate many costs associated with traditional video production and editing such as scriptwriting, location scouting, equipment, and talent.   Production of AI content unlocks new possibilities for businesses with limited budgets, allowing them to compete with larger businesses.

  • Speed is another critical factor of generative AI in video production.  AI tools can generate finished videos almost instantaneously, enabling businesses to create and distribute content swiftly and keep pace with rapidly evolving market dynamics.
  • Affordability and speed empower small businesses to effortlessly scale up their video production efforts. Generative AI makes the limitations of traditional production methods obsolete, enabling companies to broaden their reach and engage diverse market segments effectively (e.g. social media ).
  • Personalization plays a crucial role in engaging audiences in video content. Generative AI for ai generated video facilitates customization, enabling businesses to deliver highly relevant and personalized video experiences.  Businesses can now translate videos into different languages, create bespoke scripts, and incorporate tailored imagery, effectively reaching new markets and maximizing viewer engagement.
  • Multilingual support is another key advantage provided by generative AI. With the ability to generate video content in multiple languages, businesses can cater for global audiences and expand their reach beyond language barriers.  Language localization and global reach are crucial factors in today’s interconnected world.  

The following are customer stories of generative AI, showcasing real-life use cases and the transformative effect on their business processes/targets.

Detailed AI Video Marketing Case Studies

Case Study 1: DeFiance Media’s Automated Newscasts

Defiance AI-driven virtual newscaster

DeFiance Media, a digital content producer dedicated to alternative culture, finance, and technology, turned to generative AI to provide consistent 24/7 video coverage. Faced with the cost and resource challenge of staffing a news studio around the clock, DeFiance Media turned to AI to develop a virtual 3-D newsroom and virtual anchor capable of delivering the news engagingly and realistically. 

With the AI-generated newsroom and anchor system in place, DeFiance Media was now able to report stories as news breaks more than ever before.  Artificial intelligence technology’s disruptive force turned the traditional newsroom into a highly efficient production.  As a result, generative AI was effectively applied to enhance customer experience.    

Case Study 2: Ran’s Sports Coverage with Virtual Anchors

Ran AI-generated virtual presenters

Ran, a German sports broadcasting network, understood the challenge of providing extensive coverage for events like the FIFA World Cup, where games happen simultaneously and require unprecedented resources for live commentary.

By using AI-generated virtual presenters (avatars) and a custom-designed 3-D newsroom, Ran managed to scale up coverage and provide comprehensive commentary for multiple games.  Generative AI has enabled Ran to meet a growing viewers’ demands without hiring additional personnel.  

Case Study 3: Berlitz’s Instructor-Led Language Learning

Berlitz instructor led learning using AI

Berlitz, an established language education provider, scaled up their instructional resources to accommodate modern-day learning needs.  They used generative AI to create personalized videos featuring eight different virtual instructors.  AI-generated videos seamlessly provided engaging and instructional content while significantly reducing the time and cost involved in producing content with human instructors. Berlitz’s use of AI-generated video showcases the power of AI in delivering educational content across various domains, including employee development and e-learning classes.

AI Video Marketing Case Studies with Synthesia IO

Case Study 4: BESTSELLER Cuts 50% of Classroom Time with AI Video

Bestseller AI video case study

BESTSELLER, a global organization, streamlined their learning and development processes by using AI-powered videos. They incorporated Synthesia, an AI platform, to create short training videos rapidly and effectively. They also converted classroom content into preparatory videos to enhance the learning experience before in-person workshops. The use of AI-generated videos reduced the time spent in classrooms by 50%, substantially improving the learning process’s efficiency.

Case Study 5: Malaria No More Campaign Boldly Employs AI Video Technology

Bestseller AI video Malaria Case Study

Malaria No More, a charity organization, brilliantly utilized Synthesia’s AI video synthesis technology to have malaria survivors speak through the face of the famous David Beckham. This incredibly innovative campaign caught the world’s attention, reaching over 700 million global digital impressions and generating over 420,000 online search results. This creative use of AI video technology produced Malaria No More’s highest-ever disease awareness in almost three years, proving the vast potential of AI-driven videos in capturing the target audience.  This is a show case how AI technology can boost brand awareness of any business, irrespective of their size.

Case Study 6: Grünewald Consulting Increases Response Rates with AI Video

Grünewald Consulting sought to increase response rates in an overcrowded job market. They turned to Synthesia ai tool for AI-generated, highly personalized video outreach and as a result doubling respondents. The AI-driven videos allowed Grünewald Consulting to address individual job prospects and provide highly specific messaging, making the entire outreach process more engaging.


Generative AI has transformed corporate video production, offering affordability, speed, scalability, personalization, multilingual support, AI video storytelling, and employee onboarding. 

As shown in these case studies, businesses that have adopted ai technology for content creation are reaping benefits, leaving a significant impact on their respective industries. The continued growth of AI-driven tools and techniques in video content production will continue to revolutionize the way businesses plan their marketing campaign to communicate with and reach a wider audience.


Q1: How does AI enhance video creation and editing?

AI enhances video creation and editing capabilities by offering affordability, speed, scalability, personalization, multilingual support, and the ability to create tailored video experiences for various market segments.  As a result, AI is redefining a business’s video marketing strategy.  

Q2: How do I get started with creating an AI video?

Use an an AI video generator tool like Synthesia IO (or similar AI Avatar tools) to boost your video marketing efforts and build the perfect video content for your digital marketing strategy.  It is also your perfect companion as a video editor tool.  

Q3: Can AI generate videos from text or image prompts? 

Yes, AI can generate unique videos from text or image prompts using advanced algorithms and data sets, resulting in high-quality and engaging content. Repurpose content by turning text from your blog post into the perfect video ad or a video post on a social media platform.

Q4: What industries are leveraging AI in video production? 

Industries such as e-commerce, human resources, learning and development, news broadcasting, and sports coverage are leveraging AI in video production to create compelling and cost-effective content.

Q5: Are there any AI tools for video analysis and understanding? 

Yes, AI video analytics tools can analyze video content and provide insights on various factors such as audience engagement, content quality, and effectiveness. These tools help businesses optimize their video marketing strategy and build better overall customer service.